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Doug at the Skytrain station

After a long flight we arrived in Bangkok this afternoon. We got a taxi from the airport but got dropped off in totally the wrong place so had to get one of the famous tuk tuks to the hotel. The driver was clearly insane and nearly got us killed several times, most memorably under a bus, but we got here in one piece!

The hostel is nice enough, very sparse and dingy but for 3 pounds a night we're not complaining! The room is quite big and we have a double bed so in some ways it's an improvement from home!

We went out to find food near the hotel and ended up in a Thai restaurant, we avoided the lure of Macdonald's, Starbucks and Pizza Hut! I can't believe how much English, or rather American, influence there is here. Everyone speaks English which makes me feel a bit bad about my lack of Thai but it's such a hard language to learn.

We went to a bar after dinner called the Witches Tavern, it was an English pub, we're trying to acclimatise slowly.

We'll start exploring the city properly tomorrow.

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