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Church in Yaroslav

Another short hop, skip and jump and we arrived in Yaroslav. 600k people on the mighty Volga River (Europes longest!). Legend claims that Mr Yaroslav, back in 1100AD (thereabouts) killed a bear with his axe on the site, and thus decided what an excellent place to start a city. The site also happens to be at the crossroads of two rivers and has proven a privy spot for trading.

Highlights: Churchs and the Kremlin. Being unable to decipher if we were eating chicken or pig. Beachy being laughed at for being only man in city to be wearing shorts at 11pm.

For people concerned about our safety... not to worry... so far locals have not shown the slightest bit of hostility. Whilst not outwardly friendly, they are not a bad bunch really. Have even been stopped on the streets a couple times for directions by chirpy locals speaking in rapid-fire Russian, so we can't look that out-of-place (Beachy aside).

Vocab has reached new heights, can now utter the words in not-so-perfect accent; hello, goodbye, thankyou, please, what time is it, how much, and numbers 1 through 10. Think it might be time to call it a day before things get too much trickier!

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