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No, not the Contest from Seinfeld. This is my plea to anyone who reads this website, or may happen to stumble on this entry.

I will be starting work on the 15th and will be required for the first time in my life to cook for myself and plan my own meals (damn I really had it easy at home). If anyone has any ideas for easy meals that I can cook that don't involve pasta or Ichiban noodles than I will at least consider the idea. Please keep in mind that I am pretty cheap so I won't spend hundreds of dollars on weekly groceries, and I will be probably tired at the end of each day so I don't want to work too hard.

Please post your ideas through my guestbook, any submissions will be posted to it and the best entry will win a cool prize from New Zealand. I have an idea for a prize, but nothing solid laid out yet but it will be authentic and a sincere gift from a culinary retard.

Help Me Out

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