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Me in the valley of the Kings

Me at Hatshepsut Temple

Some of the tour group at Hatshepsut Temple

Cam at Hotshepsut

Tour Group at Valley of the Queens

Up early once again!!

Today we are heading to the Valley of the Kings. This is another place I have always wanted to see. We arrive there at about 6.30 am to avoid the crowds. I 'm glad we did there were people everywhere there so I would hate to see it later in the day when most people visit it.

It was a lot more modern than what I expected. There was a road up the middle of it, and there where proper entries to all the tombs.

We went down into three tombs and it was amazing to think of the people that have been in the tombs. All of the hyrogliphics are all still on the walls which makes it more amazing than the pyramids. There was an optional extra which was to enter the tomb of tuten karmen. This was well worth the extra money. Although this was the most basic of all the tombs that we visited, it is the most famous so it was the one I really wanted to visit.

Next stop was Hatshepsut Temple. We had to walk about 500m to get to the temple. This made it even more special becasue you get to appreciate the whole temple from the distance.

After this we went to the Valley of the Queens. A lot simplier than the Valley of the Kings, its obvious this is not visited by as many tourists. We visited two tombs and they were just as special as the tombs in the Valley of the Kings the walls were amazing.

After this we ventured abck to the hotel to relax, have a shower and get ready for our 9 hour train ride tonight which leaves the statin at 10pm.

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