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Me at Abi Simbel

Up early today to head to Abu Simbel!

Abu Simbel is where Ramsay 11 temple is. Ramsay 11 built this temple in the side of a cliff. Only two days a year the sun shines through the enterance and shines on his face. It is his birthday and the day he became a king. When the dam started to fill up this temple was under threat of going under water so again the Egypt government and UNESCO actioned. They cut the temple out of the cliff and moved it 60m higher and 100m back from the water. They then replaced all the peices exactly how it was and honestly you could not tell. Even with all of todays modern equipment though. They still could not get the sun to shine on Ramsays face on the same two days. They are one day out both times. Just shows you how much ancient eqyptians new!!

We are flying there as it is a 4-5 hour bus ride in both directions opposed to a 40 min flight. Once at the airport we experienced a new thing in Egypt security!! Everywhere else we have been tourists are treated differently. If there is a metal detector and it goes off tourists can just keep going, no worries. Well you can imagine my surprise when after 5 trips through the metal detector I have no belt and no shoes. I'm praying this time its ok, because I think there is only one thing left and it involves a rubber glove and I don't really want to experience that!!!

What a relief I made it through. Once I had everything back on and ready to go, guess what??? Another metal detector. Stripped down again I make it through. The plane is about 40 years old and honestly I was a little concerned when there was not a seat for the stewardess and she just sat on the floor between the toilets. 40min later we make touch down and are confronted by guess what?? Thats right a metal detector. This time I just take it all off and get through first try.

After all that it was well worth it though. This place is amazing for two reasons. 1. is that it was created in the first place and the details that are on the inside walls and 2. that they where able to move something so big without any loss to the temple.

After an hour or two its time to head back to the airport and you guessed right more metal detectors - I'm getting used to carrying my shoes, belt, etc. We arrive back in Aswan and the plan taxi's over to the terminal. This is when the front door to the plane would not open and we end up having to exit through the back emergency exit. I have never been so happy to touch the ground after a flight in all my life. Once at the terminal and the necessary taking off of my shoes and belt we are back on the bus heading back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our 2 day sail down the nile.

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