Dan In The South Pacific 2006 travel blog

So I left Downtown backpackers at about 9:00 so that I could catch the shuttle to catch the ferry to catch the bus that would take me to Nelson (I didn't swallow any flies though). I could have spared some time here, and now in one days hindsight it would have been wise.

The ferry was named the Arahura (Ar-ah-hur-a), with the appropriate Kiwi accent. This was the biggest ship I have ever been on, and it was neat. There were three passenger decks to be on and there were the basic ammenities for this 3 hour tour. I started my trip by sitting in the lounge close to the bow, but they won't let you actually on the bow itself. I had a chance to watch part of the Darts World Championship, which I was actually following before I left home, and watch the open water through a dirty window. Once we made it into the Marlborough Sound, where Picton is located, I shifted outside and took some photos. I had a good look at some of the forestry cutblocks in the area, and I have no idea how they would harvest or plant them because some are really steep. We made it into Picton on time, and I caught my bus. The boring bus trip will be explained in the next entry so that I can plot the map properly.

Add this song to the Playlist: "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was an ocean ferry, not a river boat but the song is good.

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