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...just an observation here - its getting warmer and warmer as our travels continue, and im getting a little concerned. you see, for the last few months, we've been in russia, china and tibet. these are cold places and the cold temps treat me well. sally, on the other hand, has been suffering. she endures the chilly mornings and the chillier showers (i dont like these either) like a champ. recently, though, we've been getting into some warmer temps where she feels more comfortable. but i just dont like it. i sweat constantly. if the sun is out and its warm outside, then i head for the shade. we're in india now, and its t shirts and sandals from now on. thailand is next, then australia. i hope that the texan blood in me will allow me to adapt before i melt. the struggle will be to keep the complaints to a minimum. time will tell.

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