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Mary and I on the boat

Our boat

Some people blended in with the turtles of the ocean

A large clam

One of the many pretty fish we saw that day

Its nemo!! (well a similar anenomie!!)

A school of fish

ok we didn't see this one (its from their archive!!!)

Some of the gorgeous coral (not my pic either im afraid!!)

We saw lots of these parrot fish

me in the pool

Qarenne, Sandra and Mary at the pool bar

Me sipping a 'Cosmolympian' (I cant remember the extra ingredient!)

The four of us

satisfying my sweet tooth!

Today Mary and I went out for a day trip snokelling to The famous Great Barrier Reef. We had a slow start as the boat lost hydraulic pressure and had to pull in for a few quick repairs!! We went to 3 different sites and had a good 45 minutes of snorkelling at each. We looked ever so attractive in our stinger suits (black lycra all-in-ones!, reminded me of my dancing leotard as a kid! Luckily the sun came out so brightened up the coral a bit. Saw some great fish including big Parrot fish whos colours are amazing. Unfortunately didnt see any reef sharks (harmless) or turtles. Our second sorkel was an instructed session with the marine biologist pointing out and telling us about what we were looking at. Saw a few giant clams which are quite amazing. Had the underwater camera in tow so hopefully will get a few goods snaps from that.

It was a really good day. I would have loved to have seen a shark but do wonder how I actually would have felt if I had, despite knowing they were harmless!

On the trip were two really nice girls from Darwin that we got talking to so when we got back to the hotel went for a swim in the pool, whilst sipping a drink at the pool bar! We then all went out for a nice meal in Port Douglas.

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