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The Rea Family's home


A neighbour's business

BBQing out back

Fun in the plunge pool!

Australia Day crowds at Kings Park


The tree we sat under

view of Perth city

Everywhere is packed!

the air show

Fireworks! the building tops!








Mervyn, Tracey and Brogan Rea

Fail safe guide to work...


Mervyn's promotional plug for Zurich insurance

Text to follow...


So this was our "home away from home" for the time we spent in Perth. It was even more memorable when we got to share Australia Day with the Rea family.

We headed down to Kings Park along with 100,000 other locals who were out celebrating on land and water where they could find space. After an afternoon airshow, the nightime fireworks were amazing and went on for a full 40 minutes!!! Aussies know how to do a firework display! One could hear chants of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...Oi Oi Oi!" everywhere as everyone celebrated their national pride.

From there, we stopped off at Meryvn's office to let the traffic die down. There was quite a lot to see in his downtown Zurich Insurance office...especially in the freezer! Their work ethic poster was worth a read too! ;-)

What a great day!

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