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This still gets a chuckle out of me!

I was almost lost. . .


Touch them, not touch them. . . .

Sometimes I feel this old!

So left Brisbane where I was hanging out with Belinda and one of her friends for the night. I met Belinda in Nepal and she was a trooper about putting me up for the night. She's New Guineian which means she's black and when I crashed at her place i pretty much doubled the minority population for the entire neighborhood! Oh well there goes the hood. . .

Actually it was a really cool hanging out with her and her mom (her mom lives with her) and the two dogs. went out the one night to hang out with Belinda and one of her friends and we went to a nice place on the river (Brisbane has a river that cut's thru the middle) the food wasn't that nice but the setting was alright. I am actually surprised that I have absulutely no pictures from this stop!

I was going to go to Fraiser island on this leg but choose to head straight up to Airley instead. I did make a detour to Steve Erwins Zoo (Crocdile guy) and actually was able to catch the last half of his show. He's a chatty individual!

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