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So I have been traveling with Ingrid and Johnny who are fellow Burners that my buddy James camped with last year at Burning Man. We were all supposed to of left Auckland on Tuesday but the weather was so severe that we ended up staying at Johnny's friends place just across the water from downtown Auckland. We didn't make it far on our first day but hanging out with Grant, Alex and her daughter Sarah was pretty fun, we ended up playing Asshole all day except for breaks for getting food and wine. No too bad. The winds were so crazy that the power went out in the area and the rains brought the visibility down to nothing!

So after being rained in at Grant and Alexis for the day Ingrid, myself and Johnny headed off to the beach town of Paihia so that I could go and dive the Rainbow Warrior which was sank by the French in 1985 in the Auckland Harbor.

- This was done so that Green Peace could not block Frances nuclear testing in Tahiti. In the process though the French killed a Green Peace activist, Fernando Pereira. Two of the three men were later caught, tried, and released back into Frances custody with nothing more then a two year sentence on a French island. Hhmmm, injustice? -

With that said, in the end I was not able to dive the wreck due to 4 meter swells (thats 12ft waves) in the open ocean and all the dives were either booked out or canceled. So instead we decided to take a day sailing among the Bay of Islands.

* Side note, on the way to Paihia we stopped off at the little town of Kawakawa. It's claim to fame seems to be the most photographed "loo" in New Zealand. They were designed by Austrian born artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser,( yeah let's see you say that name 3 times! ) who lived outside of town from 1973 until he died in 2000. He's actually pretty famous with his work shown all over the world and he was a bit eccentric with living without electricity the entire time that he lived there.

So after a glorious day of sailing about the Islands we hit the road again and visited probably one of the oldest and biggest tree's in the world, Tane Mahuta. Being over 2000 years and having a girth of almost 14 meters/42 ft it's pretty friggin big.

We are all off to Auckland again, heavy one Scotish dude, to drop off Johnny and pick up Ingrids friend Dana. At this point we wil either be traveling togther for a bit more or I'll be looking for my own ride and hitting the road again and heading South.

Note- just found out that the town of Raglan was a stop for Bruce Browns first Endless Summer movie so I feel obligated to go there and atleast get a few days of surfing in before I head south! Man, that was one of my all time favorite movies.

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