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An update from Tom...

My brother David, his girlfriend Marci and their friends Dave and Kelly arrived on Saturday to spend the weekend in Truckee. No great snow adventures planned, just time to spend with family and friends.

So we are at dinner Saturday night at OB's restaurant, and the place is packed so we spend a while at the bar listening to a great band and having a few drinks. Finally, we are seated and have a great meal along with a few glasses of wine. The bill arrives and as it is in the process of being paid, David leaves the table for a while and upon his return climbs onto the top of our table and stands there!

Now I'm thinking, oh my here we go again! I cannot bear to look, so with bowed head, I'm preparing for a speech about the merits of a market based society or a compilation of completely random thoughts. And if we were never allowed to climb into the house through the window as kids, we never, ever were given permission to stand on the dining room table. And no, having his older brother tell him to get down is not an option, so I waited......

And he got down on one knee, still on the table top mind you, fished a nice dark blue pouch out of his suit jacket packet and extracted a beautiful ring from it. He faced Marci and with all of us in complete shock, asked her to marry him. I can't speak for Marci, but I think she was the most shocked, but very quietly said "yes". I had heard her reply, but no one else did and Dave Norvall shouts out "what did she say?" and there was a chorus of "Yes"in reply. With that, the wing of our restaurant joined us in applause and David ultimately safely stepped down off the table and hugged Marci.

As we will all still in shock, we realize David asked for, and was granted, permission to stand on the table ( which even if asked, almost every mother would say no), that he did something typically outrageous befitting his style, but that it was entirely from his heart.

It was an amazing evening, one we will never forget and we wish them the best of luck and much happiness in all the future holds for them.

And now, an update from Jill....

In echoing Tom's update, this weekend was certainly eventful. David took our Saturday evening meal at OB's to a whole new level! Congratulations to David and Marci! It was wonderful to meet Marci and Kelly. It was also wonderful to see Dave Norvall as neither Tom or I had seen him since the Napa Valley wine fundraiser a couple years ago. We're most excited to attend Dave's daughter, Lisa's wedding reception in London in September!!! CAN'T WAIT...my first English wedding! But, we won't mention all the Aussies who will be there as Lisa is marrying one! ha ha... Thanks for a wonderful weekend, David, Marci, Dave and Kelly. What a treat it was to spend time with you!!!

As for the snow report, I've boarded Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday this week so far. The snow is plentiful up here but the runs at Northstar are in need of a refresh. However, rumor has it, snow showers are expected Thursday - Saturday this week. I took my first big fall of the season today...I caught an edge, flipped myself twice, landed hard on my butt, finally stopping with my snowboard stuck in the snow, perpendicular to the mountain!! But, don't worry, Mom, I'm ok! I didn't break anything but I'm certain I'll feel it tomorrow. Ah well, who can complain...the weather has been just incredible here...bright sunny blue skies with spatterings of contrails every now and then. Love, love, love it up here! I don't want to leave. I'm excited for our visitors this weekend. Greg and Mary arrive on Thursday night. Anne, Chris, Paige and Tyler arrive on Saturday. Shelby and Kim may even join us for a day/night.

Hope all is well with all of you. Keep us updated on how you're doing.


Jill and Tom

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