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Wish our airports were like this. . .but what happens when your...

Thankgod for buisness class!

Well came into town and Air New Zealand has a kick ass buisness class, if I can get the pictures off my little point and shoot I got a picture of it.

So when I got to the final part of customs here the woman asks," So why am I here and what am I goin gto be doing". I guess I shouldn't of replied I don't know. I think they like it when you have a more firm plan of what your doing. I quickly followed it up though with seeing the country and meeting the people. That didn't seem to be what she wanted to hear either. I was in the neighborhood, I'm travelling around the world none of these seem to work. I did say the place has always had acertain allure to it and I think she didn't know what allure ment but atleast she let me on my way. Some times these customs folks are little difficult to deal with. . .

But anyways, it appears that my hostel is in "korea town" of sorts so had my korean fix for the day and tommorow I am heading out on the road with a few fellow Burning Man people that my buddy James hooked me up with so this should be fun. A couple of American Burners running around NZ, it could be worse! One of the things I hope to do is dive on the wreck of the orgional Rainbow Warrior, the old Greenpeace boat is sunk somewhere north of the city so I am kinda looking forward to that.

More later though!

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