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So last night in Melbourne and it was spent doing laundry, packing and taking it easy. It's been hot as hell here over the last few days. Temps in the low and mid 40's (celcious folks) I was telling folks here that in Philly the summer's get hot enough where we lose a couple of old people every summer. It's kinda funny in a dark sarcastic way.

but anywho, the Australian Open has been in Melbounre (tennis) and some around the world sailing competition is in port also. If anybody remembers my dive partner from Cairns her boyfriend is on the lead boat so she's pretty stoked about it. Mace/Mary was saying how they lose something like 15kilos a trip in body weight. That's like losing 30 lbs a shot so they are staying in Melbourne for a few weeks to fatten up before they start the next leg of the trip.

As for the Open, well tennis is tennis isn't it? Saw about 3 or 5 minuetes of a match before I was done and we went to find some shade and people watch. It seems that the Austrailian Open is like a big friggin party. Since my mom dosen't like me going on about my drinking we are going to leave it like that. BUT I know some of you guys would of loved it, plus we given free tickets by a family out front so that was even better!

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