Jim and Ryan January 2006 trip to Asia travel blog

Lunch in Hakodate included "fresh" salmon eggs, scallops and sea urchin in...

Ryan meets one of his "friends" in the undersea station

It is, afterall, an underground "Train Station"

So how do you deal with sewage that far underground?

"Black water" boxed and ready to be shipped out

Woke up, had breakfast and departed in a leisurely manner to get Ryan back in shape.

Caught the bus back to the train station, placed our luggage in a coin locker and went exploring on one of the old ferrys that had previously provided transportation between Hokkaido and Honshu Islands. After one of the ferrys capsized during a typhoon in 1956, the government reacted by constructing the longest (53.9 km) and deepest (250 meters below sea level) rail tunnel in the world between the two islands.

We took a tour of one of the two emergency stations in the tunnel. In the event of an emergency, they are able to evacuate up staircases or a funicular to landfall from the undersea stations. The station had markers indicating 145 meters (about 500 feet) below sea level.

We continued on to the city of Sendai hoping a warmer climate might help Ryan recover.

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