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On the way to Cairns more rain


Worlds biggest something. . .

This is the boat that we stayed on, it's better then it...




These guys are prepping to moore the boat. .

Our brief on the reef

Mani & Peter, DM's and Instrutors

Me and my dive partner

This is what starts to happen when you give your camera to...

So this is where i lived while I was diving the reef.

It's a lot better then it looks!

Getting our lecture on the reef from Abrasive Andy

Me and Mace, my Dutch dive buddy

Mani and Peter, part of the dive crew

Out preparing the mooring lines

Gave my camera to Nimish and Matthew these are the pics I...








Coming back to cairns

This is what happens when you get hit by a Jelly fish

Last night in Cairns

Most of our boat

So flying out in a few hours and I have to say that the live aboard with Divers Den was pretty cool. Crew was good and most of the folk that i was diving with were all right also. Loads of folks from the Uk and three Americans from Virginia/Pa so that was amusing. When we first came out to the reef it was pouring rain pretty much the entire trip fromo the mainland. But we got out there and it just cleared up! Thankgod, because who wants to spend two days at sea with big swells and rain?

The first day the visability and the reef was just alright, hardly what you would think of when you think of when diving on the Barrier Reef. Although I did do my first night dive which had me feeling a bit uncomfortable but you know, who want's to look like a wuse so in I went. It was pretty cool all told when you saw the light filtering through the water and even watching the other divers was pretty interesting. Saw quite a few larger fish then during the day time including a few white tip sharks cruisng around the boat. These same guys gave us quite a bit of entertainment later in the evening chasing smaller fish around the boat, keep us amused for hours. ;)

The followiing day was awesome and more what you would expect from diving on the Reef. Clear waters, good vis and lot's of colors with some massive reef formations.

- more later

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