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Time certainly has flown....So much so that we didn't even notice that sweet Taylor's visa in Colombia had expired! He made a mad dash for the border and I stayed to visit San Augistine. A small remote village located in a Cloud Rain Forest. So, that being said, it rained! But, Sophia (a lovely German girl I met) and I saw all the sites we could. Here there are huge granite statues that are scattered all over this scared spot. Guarding the tombs of the sacred Shamens. It was a important religious location. Many tombs and burried treasure were unearthed here. We were able to take a horse ride the first day to some really out of the way places (very close, in fact to gurilla controled territory...but I am not worth much so, I hoped they wouldn't take me !!!) It was magical! The scenery is breathtaking. It even started down-pouring, which made riding in the rain feel even more outlaw-like! I leave Ecuador..a whole new country to explore! I can't believe we have only 6 weeks left!

Taylor is doing trail maintance in Vilcabamba...I hope he is staying dry!

Adios Colombia!

Buenos dias, Ecuador!

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