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Well our swimming with Dolphins experience was less than brilliant! We went out, all wet suited up and the weather was a bit rubbish, got throw around like rag dolls in this baby boat! It'd slam down on after going over a wave (really hurts your bum!) and slosh around the rest of the time!

The 'skippper' didn't find any dolphins, even though he'd been telling us there had been pods of 200+ for the past few days. We did however see a few Orca Whales (sounds a bit like Orc...hmm Lord of the Rings everwhere!) A baby Orca came right up to the side of the boat and checked us out, and there was a mummy about and the Bull. However, we think we deserved some money back because we didn't do what we wanted to. Obviously the weather played a factor, but he didn't take us to see the New Zealand Fur Seals like he said he would (even though we saw loads of them on Kangaroo Island) or Dolphins which was the point of the trip! Anyway, we're going to go to Kaikoura on the South Island and see if we can do it there. Apparently it's a famous area for marine watching...and they have pods of 500 - 1000 Bottlenose Dolphins and Dusky Dolphins (which are only found in the Southern Hemisphere)

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