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Part of the central coast.

The entrance to Hearst Castle

The classic "road as far as the eye can see" shot

Cruising up the Californian coast

The long and winding road...

Fantastic stretch of coastline... Note the retro bridge in the distance


Helen is becoming a bit of a snappy photographer!!

The Pacific Ocean stretching around Big Sur

The money shot! Helen looks great with the Mazda at Big Sur...

Hi again! If you haven't seen all the photos then go back over the last few entries and check them out! We've finally managed to upload the pics in a photocopying shop in Monterey, near Santa Cruz.

This entry is all about the drive from Santa Barbara through Big Sur to Monterey.

We left Santa Barbara at about 9.30am - we had a great time there and highly recommend it. The weather on the drive up never went below 32C! We stopped off at Hearst Castle, which is about 100 miles south of Monterey. There we got lunch and checked the castle out - very random! It was put together by Mr. W Hurst and is now run by the California State Parks. As it's Labor Day weekend it was chocka block full of Americans on Vacation. (Labor Day is some kind of Bank Holiday Weekend - keep in mind that most Americans only get 2 weeks off a year). We then drove up to Big Sur, stopping all the time - what a view! The central coast reminded us a lot of Southern Spain - truly beautiful - take time to look at all the photos we took.

The next entry talks about Monterey!

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