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Poor Charlie (tour leader) had no chance with us

Our Christmas home

They take things seriously out here

Hotpot for dinner and yes it was blooming hot





Hobbit in the Shire (Actually Cameron highlands)

Tea plantation - a bird's eye view

Tea being picked

A wild raspberry

Tea plantation

Tea plantation1

The rare mossy wood

The mossy wood group

A wet flower

A wet Brian

What is left of the road hit by a landslide

Easy does it


This is tea on its first part of it's journey to our...

A tea roller made in Belfast

the process

Rough tea before sieving

Famous Malaysian brand

It was a great cup of tea - believe me

Animal magic!

A lovely butterfly

Can you see the stick insect

A rhino beetle

A funny looking flower


Crazy hamster

A little green man

Can you see the leaf insect?

Can you see the leaf frog

Guess what it's a green snake

Hello little feller

Fresh fruit

Locally drawn strawberrys

Preparing the Christmas punch

The Christmas puch yep it was a plastic bin full of punch

Hey it's Santa

What's in Santa's sack???

Happy Christmas (ps it was a sarong)

Santa know how nice she's been!

Our home made angel...ahhh!

Martin, the man with the fart machine...

Santa's knee is giving out!

She's thinking of how good a girl she's been!

Merry Christmas to you all out there

Ho Ho Ho...recognise anyone??? He came for a cup of Boh tea...

Text and photos to follow...


As the Germans, Austrians and Swiss celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, we thought we'd share in their festive custom and do the same. Plus, the Cameron Highlands were just the place to do it!

But first, let me take you through the day's events. First, the bus ride up to the highlands. If one slept on a bus, train, boat, pick up truck, etc. they were not safe. Inevidably there would be someone sitting nearby, lippy/eyeliner/gloss/magic marker, etc. in hand, ready to do the dirty. Here we see Kim carefully pasting our tour leader's face with girlie pink gloss. Sweet.

Next was a friendly message from the local Lion's club. Hmmm.

This was our lovely home stay for Christmas Eve. I think we've left them with memories they will not soon least the manager who celebrated with us over a couple dozen glasses of our special punch will!

Their gardens were exquisite...sorry for any of you who are tired of the flower pics...they are just so darn lovely.

The Cameron Highlands is the land of tea plantations...Boh tea in fact. They have rows and rows of it and as we learned, they only snip off the top shoots of the leaves. Rain or shine, they are out clipping as they get paid by the weight they pick. After our tour of the tea field and factory (note the machine's brand name- SIROCCO - made in Belfast!), we headed off in trustworthty landrovers to our next stop...the jungle trek! and you guessed, rained and rained and rained. Even the flowers deep in the jungle forest got wet. Usually they take you right up to the summit by land rover. But there had been a landslide days before we arrived and so we got to climb the whole way lucky! The log bridge was a challenge for ole Bambi here (Andrea) but somehow we managed. Brian was thrilled to know there were more flowers in the trek including the native wild orchid - how lucky are we!?!

Once we had found refuge in our landrovers, we were off to the Butterfly and Insect place. Brian attracts all the pretty girls eh? (turn away now if you are squimish...) More snakes and beetles to see! Can you spot the leaf beetle or leaf toad?

Yes, there it is...the festive Christmas Punch...a home brew! We had carefully gathered all of the ingredients needed and left the fruit soaking for a few hours. The red bucket was a bargain buy and filled a couple of times!

HO HO HO! Santa Claus is coming to town...

I don't know who enjoyed it more, Santa or us! It was a fantastic party and just what we needed to take our minds off missing home and the Christmas customes we all remember wherever we are from. What great memories.

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