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The speed ferry to Siem Reap - notice no guard rails

Some houses on the way

You meet all sorts whn travelling

Siem Reap's port

Brian doesn't know what happens next

More floating houses


Sarah and Andrea chilln in Siem Reap in a futuristic cafe

Ankor Wat at 5 am

Us at Ankor





Ankor Wat

Ankor Wat2

Ankor Thom

Ankor Thom - group at Tomb Raider

Ankor Thom couplily shot

Ankor Thom - tree hugger

Ankor Thom eat your heart out Angelina

Ankor Thom - big boobs

Ankor Thom - arty shot

Ankor Thom - big root

Text to come...

PS Ankor Thom is where Angelena Jolie acted in Tomb Raider...that will bring back memories for some of you!


After a wild and wooly speed boat ride, we arrived in Siem Reap...the home of beautiful Ankor Wat. The floating village was interesting from our van windows as we were bustled through. It's hard to believe people live like that - maybe are even content with what they have. Puts our life back home into perspective.

Ankor Wat - yes, we were there at 5 am to see the sun rise. What an experience to share with people from all over the world. Here's a scary thought though...there are still live landmines at the Ankor Wat site despite the hundreds of tourists that visit it each day and it being declared a "safe zone". We heard this after our tour of course. Apparently, the government doesn't want to deter tourists so they force a local guy to go in at night to find and clear the mines. Go figure.

Other than that, it was really a magnificent site and despite our giddy photos which weren't respectful of this place at all (disclaimer to those who are offended), we did learn about the history of it all. The group must have been getting silly by this stage because we weren't the only ones. Martin brought out his remote controlled fart machine during the tour of Ankor Thom. Well, all I can say was that we got our money's worth out of that local tour guide if only for his incredible girlie sounding laugh each time it went off. Classic. A memory for all of us.

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