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Pancake Rocks

and again

Blow-hole with wave


Arthurs Pass

Nice View

Train and car use same road!!

Punakaiki rocks and it definitely does. Stunningly beautiful cost where the limestone cliffs have weathered to look like a stack of pancakes. Also has a very nice café which serves .. yes you guessed it ..stacks of pancakes loaded with fruit and maple syrup. Of course I resisted ... the temptation to say no that is. Had to be done, I'm afraid!! Another 7lb on, oh well. Good job I've got a nice personality?!!

Followed the spectacular coast road round to the aptly named Greymouth, the largest town on the west coast. Didn't hang about long - not the most beautiful town, even on a day of brilliant sunshine. Did I mention it's SUMMER over here?

Definitely a busy day for the camera today. Took another scenic route via Arthur's Pass over the Southern Alps. Bit disconcerting when I realised train and car have to use same bit of road for a while, as they didn't have enough room for road and railway lines. Wouldn't want to do that drive in bad weather, ski area's don't look so good in the sun either do they? Trickiest road to build ever apparently? They even had to divert a waterfall!! Arrived back in Christchurch, civilisation and the best Indian restaurant in New Zealand.

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