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Day 1 - Crazy Dr. Seuss-looking life emerging from a forest ruined...

Day 1 - Winding walkway through a lush forest of ferns

Day 1 - Luna ready for rain

Day 1 - Nosy parrots looking for nibblies

Day 1 - Did we mention it was cold?

Day 1 - After dinner chores from the natural-flowing faucet

Day 1 - Our cozy little home

Day 2 - Jonas posing menacingly in front of a huge-normous ant...

Day 2 - Lunch at Refuge Cove

Day 2 - Newfound Aussie friends on holiday

Day 2 - I spy with my little eye...Luna on the lookout

Day 2 - Christmas dinner! Mmm...fannncy...

Day 2 - Jonas shielding the stove flames from the howling winds

Jonas' Log:

It was about a 6-hour drive to get from the Great Ocean Road to Foster, about 10 miles outside the park. We spent the night there and headed down in the morning. The weather at this point was ominous. As we were getting ready in the main parking lot, it started dumping rain. At this point we arrived at a consensus decision to buy a half roasted chicken and a large bucket of fries, sit in the car and wait it out. (:

Finally we drove to the trail head, dawned our North Face gear, backpacks, Gore-Tex trail runners, Ducks Backs (custom fit backpack covers), locked the car and began to hike. About 90 seconds later it started to dump again so we looked at each other AND RAN BACK TO THE CAR! It stopped pouring about 3 minutes later. Sheepishly, we climbed out and started again, all the time being eyed by a couple of other hikers, jealous of our gear and disgusted at our lack of faith in it.

Again, it wasn't until several hours into the hike that the scenery really became exotic. The burnt part (from a huge fire years ago) of the forest was eerily interesting, but the boardwalk was amazing. It was probably over a mile long (it took almost 30 min. to walk it) and weaved endlessly through the rainforest, over streams, then sunny sandy spots, then back into the thick, dark, lush forest and then finally it spits you out onto an amazing beach in this little cove. Being on the boardwalk gave it this feeling like you were on some Jurassic Park ride (but one million times better!).

At the end of this beach and 30yd up the hill is were we camped for 2 nites. The whole two days was beautiful, but WINDY. It was blowing 20 to 30mph almost the entire time, with scattered rain, all night long. It makes one just a little bit nervous camping under giant eucalyptus trees in that kind of wind.

Christmas day we did a day hike to the one of the other camp sites about 4 miles away. It is on this hike that I took the photo of Luna, poised, shaman-like, with her eucalyptus walking stick in hand, on the edge of the granite cliff ;).

Our Christmas day meal what actually quite tasty! Freeze dried garlic mashed potatoes with some freeze dried peas and corn mixed in, topped with tuna, herbs and onions. (: We both felt a little home sick at this point... So, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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