Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour travel blog

Hostel looking lovely - but you can't see the mosquitoes and sweltering...


Tufty head





Jabiru storks - largest flying birlds in South America

Piranha fishing

Birds (must find out their name)

Alligator's eyes (in water below big white branch)

Road blocker

The only catch of the day...and he swam to catch it!!


Cayman eyes

Coconut plant

Safari truck

Capybara (the largest rodent in the world at approx 70Kg)

'There are very few places on earth where it is so easy to see so much wildlife as in the Pantene, which occupies an arguably unique ecological niche as an unparalleled biogenetic reservoir. An open swampland larger than France, extending deep into the states of Mato Grosso and Mate Grosso del Sul. It is the biggest inland swamp in the world, covering some 200,000kmĀ² of upper Rio Paraguai basin. It acts as an immense sponge, seasonally absorbing the swollen waters of 3 large rivers - the Paraguai, Taquari and Guiaba.'

All that said, the whole place is swarming with mosquitoes!! However, they were not actually as bad as expected. The lodge where we stayed was newly established and they worked very hard for us. I went piranha fishing in the Miranda River but unfortunately absolutely none of us caught anything but one little fish, although there were lots of bites (and not just of the bait!). The next day, to make up for it, some of the group went to another river and caught loads, which we them ate for dinner!! On a safari drive, down the dirt road which appeared to go straight and forever, we enjoyed the open sides which created a fresh breeze, and stopped whenever there was anything to see. Parrots were amazing colours and toucans with their yellow beaks, red deer, capybaras, alligators, macaws etc...all incredible.

The worst part though, apart from the 3 day drive to get there were the 3 sleepness nights while there due to the excessive heat throughout the whole night and continual sweat....lovely I know!

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