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So the sun chased me (sally) home to the US a few days ago for Cindy's (my little sister's) wedding and yesterday I chased it back to China. Short trip but it was great to see everyone. On the way to the U.S., Tuesday night happened twice within 24 hours while I was flying low in clear skies over Korea, Japan and Alaska. I left early Monday morning to head back to China. It was daylight for about 24 hours and we somehow totally skipped Monday and ended up arriving in Beijing 26 hours later on Tuesday evening. Weird, but very interesting. I've had a total of 6 1/2 hours of sleep, and maybe a couple more here and there on the flights since Sunday morning, that makes 4 days. Crazy. My left eye is a little fuzzy, but other than that I feel fine. It's adrenaline I guess, and God answering prayers.

We're both in Xiamen now, the South Eastern coast of China where Josh has been, and I made it here just in time to watch the sun set just down the beach, and walk along barefoot for a while... at Christmas time. :) Too bad we are leaving way early tomorrow, it is really beautiful here. We'll take a 4 hour bus tomorrow morning and then a 44 train ride to Chengdu tomorrow afternoon.

That which makes these travels of worth is not so much the adventures themselves, although they are great, but even more so it is the people we've met along the way, the opportunities we've had to hear about and take part in their lives, and to share a bit of ours with them at the same time, trying to be good stewards of all that we've been given.

I said goodbye to new friends today, again. That's tough, but email works with some of them. It's the little ones that it is so tough to say goodbye to. Tho my presence had a minimal impact on the children at China Care, my experiences there had a profound effect on me and I believe that God will use all of it for good, challenging me by showing me what He is capable of doing through willing vessels.

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