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Howard is not well liked because he said there was no racism...

People always like to point fingers, do this guy want them?

this dumb #$@ was blowing his nose with our flag



This moron was screaming PIG later even though he didn't know what...

Oh really?

These poor guys, do you want to deal with angry hippies?


trapped in th ebuiilding waiting for the protesters to go away

this guy said America is raping and pilaging in Iraq. Let's send...

pretty much the same

So this girl kicked the cop

these people don't know why she should be arrested. .

Oh sweet Melbourne. I've been here for 3 days now all I have been doing is eating and drinking. I think I need to leave town soon. . .the only problem is that the country is so big I am having a hard time figuring out where to start! I know I want to do some surfing around Byron bay and dive on the Barrier reef but then what?

So this has been my first experience to sleeping in a 4 bed dorm at a hostel and it's coed to boot. That was a bit of a surprise but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The sleeping in a dorm room that is! Dam the budget! ;) With that said of the other 3 in the room two are cool and the 4th girl is a bit odd, but today the 2 cool girls left and now it's me and the odd one from South Africa but I believe there will be two new people this afternoon.

But let's move on to more interesting news from Australia, over the last week in Sydney there have been race riots going on in the southern part Sydney with confrontations between Anglo and Lebonese Astrailians. Random beatings and lot's of mob mentality coming from both sides. As I don't have all the scoop I wil say that it seems that both sides are a bit at fault for what is going on. Previous Lebanese gangs seemed to of had history of attacking and intimadating people at the beaches and there was a well published gang rape a year ago. Then this past weekend Anlgo auzzie's showed up in numbers (5000) at the beach via mass text messaging and proceeded to beat random Lebanese people. Flashing signs " We grew here you flew here" I think so many people forget they came from somewhere else at one time also. Now both sides are roaming around parts of Sydney in packs throwing rocks, breaking windows and attacking ramdom people. Because of this there has now been a curfew put into place and they are even thinking about cancelling the fireworks for New Years Eve.

Yesterday I went to a anti racism rally here in Melbourne and just like any rally things started off on one tip and ended up completely somewhere else. In this case in ended up a bash the USA rally ( I mean just because you don't like the president people forget there were quite a few people who didn't vote for him) and a small brawl between some of the protesters and the police. I'm glad it was only a "peace rally"

All in all though Melbourne and most Australians are cool, friendly people. Melbourne reminds me very much of San Francisco with a similar vibe but better weather. The architecture is a bit more modern though but also very diverse. It has a large cafe culture with tons of small bistro's with tables in the street's a wide variety of people and food. And everybody know's how I like to eat. .

Also this is my Australian mobile # +61 04-1261-5565 and yes I can receive texts.

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