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Fox Glacier




Fredi and I on the glacier

We had a few stops on the way at Wanaka and a few waterfalls and arrived at Fox Glacier about 8. We stopped here instead of Franz Josef Glacier as we had been told that the guided walks were cheaper and the only difference being that FOx is slightly smaller.

We stayed by Lake MAtherson for the night (unfortunately couldnt park up next to the lake). Tuesday morning we went for a walk around the lake. It was gorgeous but the views would have been so much more spectacular had there been blue sky!

In the afternoon Fredi and I went glacier walking. It was about a 4 hour walk with about an hour climbing up rocks before we reached the glacier. WE put on the Crampons (I think thats what they're called! - The metal spikes that attach under your boots. The boots by the way weighed a ton so they made the walking a bit harder!) WE had about an hour on the glacier and they had dug out steps so made it easier and safer!! It was about 200m deep of compressed snow (not ice). Quite incredible. There was quite a lot of running water as it was really melting, not only as its summer but also as it was quite alot warmer than usual.

We collected our certificates once back at the centre and drove to our next destination about 2 1/2 hrs away called Hokitika. On the way through we stopped briefly at Franz Josef.

We found a free camping ground 5 minutes before Hoki by a lake (and toilets, yey!!) Fredi cooked us a lovely dinner.

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