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Milky-blue Lake Pukaki, snow-peaked backdrop

Quaint little stone chapel in Lake Tekapo

More edification on the local cuisine...

I question the marketing tactics...

I suppose if I was a potato, this would be my dream...

A mountain bike path thru a sheep-studded hillside in Christchurch...they don't even...

Our Sleepy Log:

Made our way back to Christchurch via Lake Tekapo. Passed through some of the only arid landscape we've seen throughout this entire trip. Makes for a very boring drive, but at least the roads are straight and direct, unlike the uber-windy roads along the coast. We passed by Lake Pukaki which is this incredible, surreal milky-blue (see photo). Apparently when the glaciers passed through the region, the resulting ground-up granite created this "stone flour" that continues to make the lakes appear so milky and light in color. We've never seen anything like it!

We went on a long hike in the morning up to the observatory, where apparently they have the best views of the night sky in NZ. I'm afraid the views on the Routeburn Track have spoiled us for any future hikes...

We've spent the last few nights in Christchurch at this super-cozy hostel...they even make fresh-baked bread for the guests each morning! Lots of laying around, napping and even caught a movie ("Gloomy Sunday", German) at The Arts Centre in this tiny 15-seat theater. Been reading quite a bit...traded our completed books in for "new" ones to accompany us to Australia. Jonas has tried to get out to fly some more but unfortunately the weather hasn't cooperated. That said, it has been incredibly sunny and beautiful, but stinks for flying.

Tomorrow we catch our flight to Australia...hopefully our next entry will be a little more exciting!

Lots of Love,


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