Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

Us with Hils and Mark enjoying a little vino

Our singing, guitar playing car sharers

The less said about this photo the better

K: It was a long drive up to Renwick and Ben and I had two guests with us. We first met Goran and Jakob in Queenstown when the boys were discussing the various methods of chucking yourself off something high.

Anyway, we saw them again in Franz Josef were they had had some trouble with their travel arrangements and so they split the petrol with us to Renwick. It was nice to have other company in the car and to inflict our musical taste and singing on two virtual strangers.

We finally arrived in Renwick and met up with Hils and Mark which was lovely, had some food and wine and planned our route for tomorrows bike ride around the local wineries. Ben had some definate ideas about the route we were to take - so we could fit in as many of the wines that are on his list to taste! Hils and Mark are seasoned cyclists which was just as well as we ended up doing 30kms - I was knacked and had a very sore bum but it was good fun to cycle and then taste wine. Of course you can spit the wine out instead of swallowing it but I have never realy been able to do that - it just seems wrong. Luckily we were not too intoxicated to be in charge of a bike!

B: After a heavy day's cyling we had a BBQ with some wine (of course!). The 2 Swedish boys (who had also been out wine tasting) were entertaining the hostel guests on their guitars. Turns out they were really good and we sat outside in the dark listening to them whilst drinking more wine, gin and beer.

About 11pm the owner politely asked us to keep it down. We used this as a cue to go to the local pub. The first pub we came across was full of people having their office Xmas party were they had to dress up as something beginning with the letter C and sign karaoke. We joined them for a few beers. Not long later that pub closed so we invited everyone to the next pub down the road.

In this pub (an English country pub no less) we got very drunk and I proved several times that I could down beer faster than everyone else. The rest of the evening became a bit of a blur involving tinsel, baseball caps, singing and pork pies. I do ,however, remember walking home with 2 guitars at 2am.

The next day was a quiet one and we amused ourselves by sitting still in a cinema for 3 hours while King Kong was showing.

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