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So I arrived into Hong Kong Wednesday night and jumped on the bus to Causeway Bay. At the time I had no idea that Hong Kong was made up of several islands, actually I had no real preconceived notions or expectations of the place. I was here to stop in and talk to some photo editors and try to get some work, which was not as hard as I thought it would be, I was able too cold call the editor for the in flight magazines and get in to see her. She was happened to be from NY and I think being from the States helped as she was heading out to lunch but stopped so I could show her my website.

I guess my fist reaction to HK was that it reminded me a lot of New York in it's energy, skyscrapers and amount of pedestrians milling around. As I was only in town for two full days I didn't really have enough time to properly explore the city or the area but I did manage to do a few things.

Rode the Star Ferry a few times crossing back and forth across the bay and found that like Bangkok t the waterway here was in constant use, not just for commercial traffic but for everyday use. Moving people and product from one island or port to another. Transportation through out the city is cheap if you travel by public transport, double decker trolleys, ferry's and the subway are well maintained and run on schedule. The food is also fairly cheap and diverse but again you have to eat on the side streets and stay away from anything that is geared towards Westerners. I guess the only thing that wasn't cheap was accommodations, my room was a tiny little joint with dreary lighting and tape holding parts of the wallpaper up. Obviously I did not get one of the recently reconditioned rooms that I saw on the internet site. . . it stilled cost me a whopping 40usd a nite! That being the most that I have spent so far on any place that I have stayed in. The room was so small that I had to put my luggage on the second bed to get out the door but with that said at least it was in a good location.

Drinks were also New York prices and again I found myself drinking much more then I should of but there are definitely some cool places to go out to. My second night there Teshia and I did the tourist things (Harbor tour, the tram to the view point above the city and then walked to one of the bar/restaurant districts). The US Navy was in town and a guy who happened to be from West Chester, Pa. ended up buying us a few drinks while trying to pick up Teshia at an Irish pub (chock full of what the British and Australians would like to call "Punters"). One place that I found myself enjoying was called Fong and the upstairs bar was definitely more my type of space, chill with a good DJ and the bartender was from Nepal and proceeded to hook myself and Teshia up with drinks and shot's for most of the evening solely because I had been to the town that he was from. Plus the crowd was a bit more diverse and a bit more chill then the Irish pub but even here the US Navy was in true form and one of the guys had managed to piss off all the girls at the bar and finally had to be removed from the bar by his buddy before things got ugly. It was also about this time that I was reminded that I was reminded that it was Thanksgiving, its amazing how you can forget these things when you are not on any sort of schedule. I found myself wanting a turkey with stuffing and all the trimmings!

The next day I found myself just hanging out, walked the worlds longest escalator, which goes no where by the way, and checked out different neighborhoods thru out the city. It is a dense place with millions of people as most of the folks condense themselves to specific parts of the islands and the only place for people to live is up. There are no short buildings that I saw and all the apartments were New York and San Fran prices. A interesting tid bit of info though is that the everything you buy in HK is duty free, no tax, so there are malls and stores everywhere, you name it some store is selling it. There are also some great trails to hike if you want to above and around the city. I wish I had more time and more money to explore the city, next time perhaps.

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