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All's well with henro Bob. Phone call caught him just having finished a tour of Temple 74 with plans to move on and stay at Temple 75 for the night. It has been raining all day - and the clothes that he washed at nearby onsen last night are still wet. Fortunately a bit warmer today. Shorts and henro jacket under rain pants and jacket.

Body weight up a bit - about 69kgs and says he can feel some substance under the skin. Been working hard at putting on weight with the approaching cold weather. 90 temples down and 18 left. Said he is still looking forward to unfolding development, not a winding down - and is not sure what he is going to do when he gets to the end! Bob has just realised that there's about two weeks left and this journey is complete.

Plan for tomorrow is Bangai 17 which takes about a full day there and back.

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