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New art at the Calgary airport, enhanced by beautiful horses

We tried to return home, but missed our plane in Miami. We had traveled almost all the way around the world, and we made some navigational errors on the way to the airport for our last flight. The signs were, for us, confusing (perhaps because they were not in Japanese, Thai, or French), and we missed two consecutive turns. As a result we accidentally found ourselves on an expressway traveling away from the airport, and we arrived at the check-in, late -- 15 minutes before our flight was to depart. We were rebooked on a flight for 9 hours later, and we spent the day enjoying a nice meal and going to a meeting, where we saw some friends from our last stay in Miami. When we arrived at the airport at 4pm, the flight we had originally reserved was still sitting on the tarmac, as it had technical problems they were unable to correct! We could have been sitting in the airport all day long.

Once again, we had been blessed with an opportunity either to accept what we had been given, or to worry and obsess about things not going according to our plan. I did not get angry and say rude things to the ticket agent, Darlene and I did not have a major meltdown over what had happened, and there were no victims. This was, once again, a lesson for me about what I have learned and about how our relationship has changed in recent years. We have learned to accept each other as we are, and we have learned to value life for what it gives us, not for what it does not. Somehow, I have more serenity in my days when I accept that I am not in charge - someone else is.

We arrived back in Calgary well rested and at peace after an uneventful flight from Miami.

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