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i havent written many posts during our time here at ChinaCare. forgive me for this, please. heres the thing. writing in this online journal is something i enjoy. i like to keep people informed, share my thoughts and load photos to be viewed. but this phase of the trip has been the slowest-paced phase so far, which makes writing more difficult for me. its not that theres nothing to write about, its just that it doesnt SEEM like theres anything to write about. im in china, man, there are things to report! this is where you come in. what would you like to know about this place and others? maybe youd like to know what the food is like, or if the people are friendly ('cause ive met all 1.3 billion of them), or why so many people, old and young, male and female, can be see and heard hawking loogies. (sally and i gave a good five minutes of our lives away discussing the spelling of this word. here what else we came up with: lewgey, loogey, leugie, lougge...the possibilities/combinations are endless.) what about the olympics in 2008? how do the people feel about the events being held in their capital?

up until now, we have received a good amount of messages from you all. thank you so much for that. it motivates me to write more, knowing that someone out there is reading. normally, messages are sent in response to updates written. lets turn the tables a bit, and i will write updates based on messages received. if i am limited on my internet access (which could be in a week or so), then ill let you know. but for now, lay it on me. im ready to write and the ball is in your court.

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