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Bob woke to 7 degrees this morning. He made it up to Bangai 15 - despite no trail markers - and resolutely walked 1,5 hours uphill rather than take the cable car... arriving at 11am his time.

Apparently there are 100s upon 100s of steps heading up into the mist - evetually leading the a huge temple complex. Was orignally refused permission to camp overnight under a shelter, but 15 minutes later a heavy rain setteled in for the day - and someone took pity on Bob. He is however kicking his heels and feeling rather cold - with nowhere warm and comfortable to settle into and worse still, no where to buy food from... except at a resturant at the bottom of the steep hill. I did suggest a cablecar ride down to the restaurant and back up... only to be told that was not the right thing to do... !!

So far still managing to take it at an easy pace.

Temple 66 on Saturday - and possibly Bangai 16. Then it is back to a city setting with a number of temples gathered together.

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