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El Chalten village

View down the valley

Me with Fitz Roy

Alpine look

The "Super-Trekkers"

Hanging glacier

With Fitz Roy

Stunning views

Fitz Roy and glacier

Glacier and lake

Glacier and lake (2)

Fitz Roy up closer

Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre

Trees and roots

Super-trekkers trek onward and upward...

Cerro Torre, Torre Egger and Torre Steinhart

Cerro Torre through the trees

At dusk

At dusk (2)

Album Cover 2.5 - spot the difference?

At dawn

River crossing

Torre Glacier - retreating at 3-4m per month

Walk to glacier

Torre glacier (2)

Climb down

Trekker Kendrick

Cerro Torre up closer

Walking on ice


Super trekkers on ice

Ice pool


Ice climbing on the off...

Half way there...


Top and exhausted!!

Walking back down and happy

Massive drop

Ice field

Return of Janine...

El Chalten village

This small, plain and growing village (300 permanent inhabitants), set in a pretty river valley, is edged on one side by the extraordinary snow-capped towers of the Fitz Roy range. World-class mountaineers from around the globe come here for their chance to make it to the summit of 3441m Cerro Fitz Roy. (Named after the British Captain of HMS Beagle, Robert Fitz Roy, on which Charles Darwin was aboard. Darwin was the first naturalist to set foot on the Galapagos Islands, and while onboard HMS Beagle he developed the theory of evolution, although it took another 20 years to publish it due to the religious challenge).

Six of us braved up to the challenge of "Super Trek", a 2-day walk to Torres Glacier for a spot of ice-climbing. Didn't really need to be too brave though...the walk was stunning up through Rio Blanco valley, seeing hanging glaciers and dramatic rock structures. The rock formations are so much more pointed in this region as relatively newly formed, only 10-15 million years ago! The Parque Nacional de los Glaciers in Southern Patagonia, (Santa Cruz) is the first point where the prevailing winds, created from the high pressure over the South Pacific, hit the Andes. Continental ice results which is estimated at 1300m deep. From this continental ice the glaciers which we could see flow from. Walked around Fitz Roy, 3441m and just below Cerro Torre, 3128m, on the ice. Cerro Torre is absolutely stunning, and the picture I had in my mind of what this trip to S. America is for me. Camping that evening at the base camp of Laguna Torre we were fed and watered beautifully but we used their sleeping bags and roll mats and froze to snowmen - and still Janine refused to hug me!! The next morning we were immediately onto the ice, crampons attached and making our way to the ice wall which we were to climb with the assistance of 2 ice-axes! Hard work, but lots of fun. All rewarded by a visit to the local micro-brewery upon return.

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