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All's well. Bob spent the night at Bangai Temple 13 - was given a room with a comfortable bed and a heater, so a good cosy start to a special day. The temple is deep in a river gorge - cold (3 degrees) but full of character, built on stilts near a waterfall. Was treated to a special supper - including oysters and fish, and a good hearty breakfast. Was at Bangai Temple 14 when I called - about to be served lunch. Has had a wonderful day so far - with the most o-settai (in terms of quantity, although not necessarily value) in any one day - including accommodation, meals and naartjies... and another cup of coffee :^) and is feeling very spoilt.

I had set a reminder note in his phone before it was sent across - so at 10am his time, walking down a mountainside in the middle of nowhere there was this strange music and birthday reminder ... which Bob eventually realised was coming from his pack. Had originally planned to stop at Bangai 14, but found it in the middle of a busy intersection, so is spending the night under a small shelter attached to a container, with abultion close by (close enough to be considered en suite).

Says he's very happy to be 60 and is looking forward to the nex 60 years! Has some time in hand and will be taking things a bit easier - slower pace to enjoy the scenery - wit a target of about 20km a day. Turning 60 could do that to one... I wonder how long it will last?

Plans for tomorrow is to reach Bangai 15 - and either overnight there or on the road to 66. Saturday's target is Temple 66 - the highest temple on Shikoku and the next unnumbered temple - Bangai 16.

The route to the Bangai temples has taken him inland - has traveled about 1205km so far... and he is under 90km from Temple 1, and very close to Temple 10 - but a long way to go to visit the remaining temples...

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