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The giant sheep statue

Cathy and me looking out the sheeps eyes!

An early start this morning! We had to meet the group at the Oz Experience office at 7am. Our group only had eleven in it - a couple from Ireland, a couple from the states, a girl from Holland and two girls from England. We got on the bus and our guide Phil told us a bit about what we would be doing over the next 4 days and explained that the rain on the first day was a good thing as we spent most of it travelling!!

Our first stop was in a little town called Goulburn for pure comedy value. In the town the sheep is the main source of income and is therefore highly regarded and to mark this they have a huge statue of a sheep right in the centre of town. You need to look at the photos to appreciate its comedy value! We climbed up the stairs inside the sheep and looked out of its eyes! Very strange!

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