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Any hunkey men?

Barclays? - not

On Saturday morning we mooched around Napier as the day was very overcast and cold. Good excuse to shop again, well you've got to keep ward and dry somehow haven't you?!. Di had another session at the Post Office, sending back excess items (sheepskin rugs, presents, etc) to the UK. We had brunch and then bumped into Ted and Marjorie, who we had met previously at Debbie's, (small world). Then it was on the road to Gisborne, the most easterly city in the world. We checked into a motel, had a quick wash and scrub and then hit the town (at 7.00 p.m.). Had a fantastic meal at Something Fishy, quaffed a bottle of wine and then went home (everywhere was closing again). It was also p---ing down with rain. That night we hardly slept, as there was what sounded like a hurricane, thought the roof was going to blow off.

Sunday morning was horrific. Gale force wind and rain. Jaz attempted to go to the local chapel, but it was closed, despite the notice telling the faithful that there was a service at 10 a.m. Still, if you can't have religion, turn to drink. We visited the Lindauer winery and had a session tasting their sparkling wines. We obviously couldn't drink on empty stomachs, so we also had to have brunch.

We visited Captain Kirk's (sorry, Cook's) landing place in New Zealand, drove around aimlessly for a while, taking in the huge pacific breakers, and then grabbed a bite in an Indian restaurant. Ghastly food. After that as all was closed again, we watched Madagascar on DVD (the best part of the day) and went to bed, bored.

No sleep again that night - Hurricane Gisborne was still blowing.

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