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Well, we've now had a couple of weekends in Leeds, which although uneventful have been good in terms of getting a bit of a rest. December looks quite busy, so we'll need any energy we can muster! Weather has gone completely pear shaped, snowing today - although not settling on the ground so i am hopeful that I will get home OK.

Speaking of snow, yesterday I went to Xscape (, which is 1/2 way between home and my work along the M62. It was a fun, if quite expensive couple of hours (£31 for two hours). Cost more than a whole day on a real field in NZ! Good to get back on the board, and think it was probably good practice for Korina before our longer ski trips later in the season. However, two hours was enough - the slope did not have a very steep gradient and with no jumps or rails, it was not long before I was seeing how fast I could ride switch down the slope, and generally acting like a fool. I'll have to get down there on a Thursday / Friday night after work when they have booters, rails etc set up for everyone to wreck themselves on...

Saturday was my second game of rugby. We lost, and I spent far too much time on the sidelines as a reserve. When I came on it was in the centres, which was quite hair raising as I have never played there before. Didn't make to many areas, and certainly felt fast enough in the grade I'm playing in (although hard to catch the ball as it was so cold!). All in all, pretty disappointing, especially as I got back late and missed both the AB's final match and the Kiwi's tri-nation success.

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