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Lonely Planet's co-founder Tony Wheeler is on the road in the United Arab Emirates and Oman on the south-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Maureen's riding shotgun and American writer Tad Friend, who is putting together a story about Lonely Planet for an April issue of New Yorker magazine, is coming along for the ride.

'I can claim I've been to Oman before,' Tony reports, 'but only on a brief hop-across-the-border from Al-Ain in the UAE to Buraimi. On the other hand I have been to Dubai, the mega-glitz capital of the UAE, several times in the last few years and also explored a little further into the desert. This time we're flying in to Dubai, picking up a 4WD and heading off towards Muscat, the capital of Oman. I've got it in my head that Oman is like a more civilised version of Yemen - ie I don't expect to get kidnapped - but who knows?

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