Tim and Kathy 2008 travel blog

Tim and Kathy 2008

Tim and Kathy travel blog
Welcome to our trip journal!

From the Grand Canyon and Route 66 in Williams, AZ we are heading out on a great RV roadtrip adventure. We plan to see the rest of "The Mother Road", but there will be many other blue highways (and probably some interstates) along the way.

We're starting with our home state, Arizona -- a chance to get to know it like we've never had the time to do before. Then we'll head out beyond here -- no definite plans, just taking our time and moving on when we get "hitch itch".

Maybe we will see the world someday, but for now there's plenty right here in our own back yard. That should keep us busy for awhile...

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Maricopa, AZ
The Oasis at Dateland, AZ
Granddad's Hideaway
On to Yuma, AZ
Border Patrol everywhere
The sad state of the...
Trivia Question: Where...
Mar 6/08
Mar 10/08
Is this Egypt or what?
Regrouping at Dad's
Lost in cyberland...
Back on the road
My Canadian family
More high drama in Tucson
Hanging out in Benson
Hey! Look at all them...
Jeepers Creepers!
The Ghosts of Fort BOO-ey
Buzzin' on over to Bisbee
About Town
'Tis Good to Be Queen
Nachos in Naco
The 727 has landed...
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