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Boycotting of facebook continues. Thanks for spending the time to do a few extra clicks to find this website.

So off we go to Thailand. Cambodia and Vietnam are on the itinerary too.
We bought our tickets in October, here we go on April 7th 2011. Waiting for a trip like this for so long makes its arrival almost surreal. People keep asking how we feel...anxiety is nonexistent; excitement and anticipation are everpresent. That's probably not entirely true. I'm a bit worried about the language. We're signed up for classes the day after we arrive. Hopefully we're not too jetlagged to process the crazy intricacies of Thai.

An 11 hour flight to Seoul followed by another 6 hours to Bangkok seem like a small price to pay for months of sunshine and noodles. I miss you all already. I hope my inane ramblings don't bore you. Please stay in touch and cross your fingers we don't get attacked by an angry swarm of mosquitos or trampled by a herd of elephants!

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Luang Prabang
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