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Susan & Richard's European Adventure 2013

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Welcome to the trip journal for Susan and Richard as we explore Europe in a motorhome. Our adventure began on May 14 and the plan is to return to Tucson on October 15. While we have been to Europe many times before it has always been for just a few weeks and usually as part of a bicycling tour group. On previous trips we didn't have to plan very much or make a lot of decisions, and at least one of our tour guides could speak the local language. However, this adventure will be quite different! We began planning for this about six months in advance and it was really time consuming. One of the biggest items to research was the motorhome or"camper" as it's called in Europe. We had three options; ship our Proven Tiger RV overseas, buy a used camper in Europe, or rent. After lots of research we opted to buy a used camper in Amsterdam. Did we make the right decision? We won't know that until the end of the trip so stay tuned if you are interested in knowing.

While we have a general idea of what countries we want to visit and what sights we want to see we have not made any hard and fast plans. We will let the road and maybe the weather dictate where we go. We also want to take it slow and when we find places we really like we will stay longer to get a better feel for the real Europe. We want to be travelers, not just tourists.
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Round trip to Amsterdam
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