We are SO not backpacking ! travel blog

We are SO not backpacking !

Steven and Laura travel blog
***This website will disappear on Christmas Eve***

Welcome to Steve and Laura's online travel diary. If you're interested in what we're doing, you can check this web page and see where we're up to and hopefully view some photos. It means that if you don't really want to get emails from us then you can avoid it. You also get the chance to receive notification emails when we put some new ramblings or pictures on. You can avoid these too if you want :-). Let us know if you want another email address to receive the notifications.

The itinerary link has details of exactly where we're going. As you might already know, it's pretty much an express round-the-world trip. Oh and we're not doing the whole slumming it thing, heavens no. We made a decision that it should be an executive trip, if for no other reason than to amuse Skerry and Jenny H. The executive nature of it is one of the reasons it's going to be so quick.

The trip objectives are as follows :

1. Eat and drink in fabulous places
2. Do fabulous things
3. Not get hugely unfit
4. Not get tanned
5. See some people we haven't seen for a while
6. Not come back with arsy tales of how we really got a taste of the local culture when in fact all we did was sit in bars with some Australians. Unless we're in Australia obviously.
7. Do Christmas shopping in New York

PS You may have got an email from us describing our names as Morton-Patience. This does NOT mean that hats have to be ordered. It was just down to limitations of this website. Think they need to hire some sort of expensive consultant to assist with the design....

PPS I was planning to add all but the shortest, most personal or most obscene messages into the guestbook. If you don't want them shared then let us know.

Adamson List Corner

Top 5 Restaurants
1. Rockpool (Sydney)
2. Balthazar (New York)
3. Gramercy Tavern (New York)
4. Felix (Hong Kong)
5. C (Vancouver)

Top 5 Wineries
1. Penfolds (Barossa)
2. Saltrams (Barossa)
3. Grant Burge (Barossa)
4. Peter Lehman (Barossa)
5. Gibbston Valley (Queenstown)

Best Things
Location - Whitsundays
Hotel - Le Royal Meridien (Dubai)
Bar - Cardoba's (Vancouver)
Experience - Snorkelling in Fiji (Steve)/ Whitsundays(Laura)
Surreal Moment - Experiencing an earthquake in a campervan

Worst Things
Hotel - The dive in Robe
Bar - Satchmo's (in Dubai full of obnoxious tourists)
Restaurant - Fook Lam Moon in Hong Kong
Experience - The Indian Pacific train (Steve)/Potentially going caving (Laura)
World-Europe map

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At least it won't rain in...
Please let us off the bus
At last, a place where...
Crossing the border
Rain City
Getting to NYC
Being in NYC
Stewart, Ann and Chris
Walking tour
Gramercy Tavern
If we could only fit in...
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