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Summer 2018 - Not Going West

This was the summer to head west and revisit Vancouver Island. But, as sometimes happens, a health issue has intervened. I needed to have thyroid/neck surgery in mid-April and will need to return to Florida in August for a follow-up treatment. So, there is a new plan.

We will be visiting lots of eastern locales, many of which we have visited before. So, for the first couple of months we will be hanging along the coast and heading north. At the beginning of August, we will land in Cherry Hills RV Park in College Park, MD. That will enable me to take Amtrak (I refuse to fly) from Washington, DC to Florida. Sue will man the Phaeton in Cherry Hills for about eleven days while I am gone.

Upon my return to DC the plan is to visit friends and relatives and then wander back to Dunedin. It won’t be our most exciting summer, but I’ll chronicle it anyway.

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We Are Underway
Atlanta and Scott
Augusta, GA
Myrtle Beach
Mebane, NC
Bar Harbor Protest
Pumpkin Patch
Par le vous Frances
The Red Line
Red Line - Day 2
Montmorency Falls and Ile Orlean
Myriam and Johnny
The Ashuelot River
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