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Welcome to our full-timer website! We are fulltime motorhomers who drift throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The purpose of this website is primarily for friends and relatives to keep track of us. But anyone is welcome to visit and enjoy our travels!

We are beginning our sixteenth summer on the road with plans to revisit the northwest. Our current travels are shown in "Summer 2019 - Another Trip Around the Big Circle." Other trips are chronicled in selectable journals.

P.S. check our "favorite links" and "others trip journals" for other interesting sites.
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 Map:  North America 
Map North America
Traveling in British Columbia, Canada
Summer 2019 - Another Trip Around the Big Circle 

 Trip Journals 
Summer 2019 - Another Trip Around the Big Circle
Summer 2018 - Not Going West
Summer 2017 - Great Lakes
Summer 2016 - Pacific Coast Here We Come
Summer 2015 - North and East in a New Home
Summer 2014 - Westward Ho
Summer 2013 - Eastern Canada
Winter 2013 - Dunedin Again
Summer 2012 - The Big Circle Tour
Winter 2012 - Back in Dunedin
Summer 2011 - A Short Term Getaway
Winter 2011 - Diagnosis Changes Plans
Summer 2010 - A Summer in the East
Winter 2010 - Florida East and West
Summer 2009 - Westward over the Mountains
Winter 2009 - Another Florida Hibernation
Fall 2008 - East of the Mississippi
Summer 2008 - A Surprise Trip to Idaho and Montana
Spring 2008 - From Puerto Vallarta to Dallas
Winter 2008 - Basking in the Baja Sun
Fall 2007 - Baja Bound
Summer 2007 - North to Alaska
Winter 2007 - Florida Hibernation
Summer 2006 - Atlantic Coast to Newfoundland

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