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The quickie on how to use this page: you can see my itinerary or leave me an email or check out the guestbook...see the links to the right.

Secondly you can see, graphically, where I am (red circle) and where I've been (white square). If you want to see the same data on a different map, chose one from the links below the actual graphic. On some days I've taken photos...those days are noted with camera icons next to them.

Welcome to my Website!

Since doing the Across the USA trip with my younger sis in 1993, I have always had an "around the world" trip in mind. Well, it's finally here! I have put my Corporate America life on hold, and am heading for far and distant lands. I will be going it alone, although some of you have asked to meet me along the way...however, I am sure to meet many folks that may be interested in a day or two through the deserts of India or upland jungles of Southeast Asia.

Well, keep checking back, as I think I'll be able to update this site daily or every 2nd or 3rd day or so. Please leave messages if you have questions about where I'm going next, or suggestions on what to do when I get to a certain place, or whatever (like a job offer!!!).

Thanks in advance for your emails...enjoy the site!!!
World-Europe map

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

Amsterdam, Holland
Sea of Orange
Hangin' in Amsterdam
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh again...
Leaving Edinburgh and...
Three C's - a Castle, a...
Back to Dublin...
Dublin - home of Guinness
Flying home...
Home at Kelly & Larry's...
The Trip as a WHOLE!
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