Raymonds On the 'Road' Again travel blog

Raymonds On the 'Road' Again

We are off again to England and Scotland. Why can't we find new places to go? I'm not sure. I guess we're like homing pigeons. Tags around our ankles.

In case you want to join us in spirit here's a travel journal you can follow. (We won't know if you don't, so there's no obligation.)

Of course I'll be checking after every entry so if you know of some tiny, pretty village we need to add to our itinerary. Please speak up.

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Sep 22/13
Sep 24/13
We're in.
This Day
On the Move
Happy in Glasgow
Oct 8/13
Our digs in Glasgow
Heading to the Highlands (with threat of a...
New Tricks - old dogs
Time to go Home
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