Rachel's Adventures in Colombia and Venezuela travel blog

Rachel's Adventures in Colombia and Venezuela

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Welcome to my trip journal! Ed and I will be exploring Colombia and Venezuela for the months of January and February.

We have traveled throughout South America and are looking forward to seeing these two incredible and beautiful countries.

"Colombia has more physical diversity packed into it's borders than any other comparable size in Latin America". It has old historic colonial cities like Bogota and Cartagena, mountains above 18,000 feet, the blue waters of the Caribbean, and the sweltering amazon basin.

Venezuela boasts Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall (3,212 ft). It also has Tepuis (or Tepuys) which are table-top mountains found only in the Guayana highlands of South America.

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Loving Colombia
Paragliding is amazing!!!
Medellin ...Pablo Escobar's home...
Santa Marta/Taganga
Merida, Venezuela
Angel's Falls
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