European Adventure 2010 travel blog

European Adventure 2010

Welcome to our trip journal! We've been planning this trip since March. Although it wasn't the original reason for the trip, we now figure that with me (Anne) retiring to Fremantle at the end of the year, and Patricia having bought a house in NSW in Tocumwal on the Murray, that this is our last holiday out of Roebourne

The itinerary has changed several times and at one point it seemed every country in Europe was on the itinerary..after all we had 21 days! Having deleted a few we then added Morocco as it looked too interesting to miss. The Irish part of the trip is as yet unplanned, other than land in Dublin. From there we'll take the train to Cork (and maybe see nearby Cobh and Kinsale). Having been told by an Irish friend that most people in Ireland head for Spain in October we figure accommodation wont be hard to find, unless of course the B&B owners have also headed for Spain! SO we'll plan the rest of Ireland later, allowing for a few days back in London before our departure on the 16th of October.

We've survived the planning, so we think that there shouldn't be too much murder and mayhem over the course of the trip??? Although if we get caught in a general strike in France, (there's one on the 15th) the consequent frustrations may be difficult. We'll just have to keep telling ourselves and each other that it will provide us with stories to tell!

We each have responsibilities on this trip. Mine are to keep this journal up and to remember where we are every day and where and when we are going next. Patricia's are to take the photos and to mind the 'keys'(or door cards) and she's also going to lock our bags up to such an extent that no-one will ever be able to rob us without taking us along with the bags. Mind you one of my padlocks is already 'locked' in one end of the zipper, so the case can't actually be locked without strapping and padlocking the strap. So Mike we'll need the bolt cutters out before we depart!!

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on the way
paris to barcelona
Barcelona and Gaudi
heading for granada
Granada day 1
granada Day 2
granada to madrid to fez
fez day 1
Volubilis & Meknes
dining Moroccan style
last full day in Morocco
Ring of Kerry
back in London
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